A dream gift

A dream gift

For many it is a difficult task to find something that is different, that they have not seen before, can surprise and should be liked and used.
Here is our gift tip fragrance pillow from Elidonis.

It can be a dream gift for Christmas or for a birthday. It can also be a good gift for Mother's Day, for Father's Day, for the new house, for the new car, for the best friend and many, many more.


A personal gift

For everyone you love. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion and language. Surprise with a different gift.

A family gift

Lovely gift for the whole family where everyone can enjoy the pleasant scent.
Feel free to check first if there are any who do not like lavender. It is very rare, but not fun, to give a gift that someone does not like.

Company gift

A fantastic gift tip for you who are struggling with good ideas about what to give as a gift to those who are important to your business.
Whether it is employees, customers, suppliers and various important people.

Buy and order to the recipient's address and the package will end up in their mailbox.

Write a text with your wishes in the comments field when ordering if you want us to attach a small message with the package.

We can give you a large discount for larger orders.

Organic - The herbs used in our pillows come from certified suppliers
Handmade - The pillows are hand-sewn, packed by hand and filled with love
Biodegradable - Everything in this pillow comes from nature and goes back to nature
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