Become a distributor

Elidonis is a trademark established, owned and distributed by God Massasje Stoyanov. You can find our products in all our clinics in Norway: 

  • Bodø, Dronningens gate 9a
  • Bodø, City Nord
  • Mo i Rana. 

And in our online stores: 

There are many who see the benefits of our products and more and more people contact us to have our products in their range. You can also find our products in both physical and digital stores such as: 

  • COOP Obs Bodø, City Nord 
  • Kelners Blomster butikk Bodø 
  • Lille Pernille, Hagan 

And several others. 

Our products are suitable for both physical stores where there is a lot of traffic and online stores with health profiled products.   

Are you interested in selling our products? Whether it is in store or for treatment or privately to get an extra income, just get in touch with us. 

We are also looking for you who are Instagram influencers and are interested in good scents, health, aromatherapy and could easily have recommended products you like yourself. 

If this sounds exciting to you and you want to sell our products then you can just get in touch by email: 

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