For companies

As а company, we know how important it is to create a good impression with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. We truly believe that our products can create more than a good impression. It is natural, lasts a long time, stimulates the senses, creates emotions and has no competition for quality and intensity in natural fragrance.

At the office

With an aromatherapy herbal pillow in the workplace, you make sure to create a pleasant atmosphere for you, colleagues and any clients who come to the office. The scent of herbs can help make the work day less stressful and can stimulate creativity.

På hotellrommet

En nydelig duftpute er ypperlig å ha på hotellrom og gjesterom. Puten kan gjerne tilbys som en vertsgave, og er en hyggelig overraskelse for kunder som setter pris på aromaterapi. 

Gave til kunder/ leverandører/ samarbeidspartnere

Inspirer og overrask dine kunder, leverandører eller samarbeidspartnere med en naturlig duftkilde. En gave til de som har alt og er glad i naturen. 

Bli en forhandler Lavendel aromaterapi puteElidonis

Do you love our product? Do you think it has a lot of potential and do you know people who will love it? Or you are an influencer on social media who has the same interests as us and you have followers who will like our fragrance pillow?

Then you are most welcome to contact us. It is a pure natural joy we want to spread in the world and you are most welcome to join.

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