In the bedroom

In the bedroom

Soverommet er det mest brukte området i hjemmet vårt og der er det deilig å bli møtt av en deilig aroma.

Her har vi mange plasser hvor vi kan bruke en lavendelpute på og for flere forskjellige formål. 

På nattbordet

Place your aromatherapy herbal pillow on the bedside table and experience what effects this can have for your night's sleep.
Every time you come to the bedroom you meet a natural and pleasant scent that will help you fall asleep.

Under hodeputen

You can just as well place your aroma pillow under the pillow where you get a slightly less intense scent, but a pleasant experience when you squeeze and touch your pillow.
The herbs in the aroma pillow can have a calming effect for many who struggle to fall asleep.

I garderoben

With an aromatherapy herbal pillow in your wardrobe, you will be able to feel a pleasant and fresh scent when you open the cupboard. By the way, did you know that lavender is known to keep moths away?

The most important thing for the best experience is to remember that this is a living product

and for a continuous and intense scent, it must be squeezed, rolled and aerated regularly. The plants in the fragrance pad contain a lot of fragrance and natural essential oil, but nature has the ability to save things. In this way, you ensure a fragrance for a long time and where and when you want it.


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