In the home

In the home

Our home is our castle. Where the home's scent and aroma is one of the important things that make a house to a home. There are many ways to freshen up the scent in a home, but one of the best ways is the scent of nature straight from the beautiful lavender fields.

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In the sofa

Have an aromatherapy herbal cushion on the sofa, and create a pleasant and calming atmosphere. The gentle scent of lavender and herbs ensures that you can take a comfortable dinner rest on the couch or just enjoy it while reading a book.

On the table

Do you like flowers on the table and the pleasant floral scent that is released? Then a lavender pillow can be a very good natural aroma source on the table while you eat dinner or drink coffee.

In the entrance

Get the feeling that you are greeted by nature while you come home. Every time you come home or you pass by you will feel a scent of nature and joy. You will surely surprise friends who come to visit.

In the bathroom / toilet

An aroma cushion can be used in the toilet or bathroom as long as the room does not have too high humidity. Feel the pleasant scent of lavender and herbs while you have self-care and alone time!


For the armchair

An aromatherapy herbal pillow can be super to have in the armchair. Dream away while reading a good book or relaxing, thanks to the pleasant scent that helps you find inner peace.
You can have it both on your chest, as an eye pillow or next to you, where you will feel the aroma anyway.


For the winter garden

It is nice to have a terrace where you can get out in the cold winter days and it is best with a natural scent of lavender.
Place it near the most commonly used area so you can enjoy the pleasant scent.


Surprise a friend

Every time you make friends visit it is a pleasure to have a pleasant scent that creates a cozy atmosphere.

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The most important thing for the best experience is to remember that this is a living product and for continuous and intense scent it must be squeezed, rolled and aired regularly.

The plants in the fragrance pad contain a lot of fragrance and natural essential oil, but nature has a property to save things. In this way, you ensure the scent for a long time and where and when you want it.

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