Here we want to come up with tips and advice so that you get the most out of the product and to be satisfied.

Elidonis lavender cushion is a natural product filled with a specially made combination of different lavender varieties that delivers a well-saturated scent of lavender that also lasts a long time.

The scent can be experienced intensely at the new opening, this is a desired effect. We want our users to be happy with both the duration and the scent, but if you think it is too intense then you can keep it in a half-open box for the first few days while the scent comes in a balanced intensity that suits you and your senses.

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How is the product used?

Since this is a natural product, it must be used actively. Nature will always save its best and will not drain everything at once. This means that the scent feels less and less intense over time, but there is a lot of scent in the person waiting to come out. Therefore, we recommend squeezing, rolling and aerating the pillow every time you want more fragrance, but be proven at the beginning if you think it is too strong. Squeeze a little gently at the beginning until you find your strength and the amount of aroma that you enjoy the most.

The pillow can also be used as a warm pillow by heating it very lightly in an oven at 50 degrees or in a microwave oven, but remember again that the pillow can quickly run out of scent.

How long does it last?

Also remember that the lavender planet in that cushion is not an inexhaustible source of fragrance and in those cases where you are going to travel and you want to save the scent for a longer time, we recommend you put the pillow back in a lock bag or back in the box for the time you want to use it again. We have received feedback that the pillow lasts up to 1 year.

What is a good idea to take care of to make the product last?

An important factor is sun. Dry plants do not like the sun very much, as it causes some of the natural scents contained in the plants to be released. This can make you get a very good scent for a while, but can also make your pillow run out of scent faster.

The herbs are also not fond of moisture. Be careful not to put the pillow with the herbs in contact with large amounts of moisture or wash the whole pillow with the herbs in the washing machine as it will quickly run out of scent, the cover can be removed and washed separately at 40C.

How to store the product?

During active use, it can be stored where it is used. If there are periods of no active use, we recommend storing it in the box it came in or an airtight locking bag in a dark and dry place.

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